What Is an LLC?

Determining your business structure is one of the most important choices your company can make. Deciding to incorporate, whether under an S-corp, C-corp or LLC, shields your owners from personal liability. It can also give them flexibility when it comes to taxes, debts and lawsuits. Read on to learn more about what a limited liability […]

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What is a Physician Practice Dispute?

Gone are the days when most doctors would hang their own shingle and run a private practice. These days, it’s more common for physicians to form practice groups. It’s a matter of practicality: they’re able to pool resources and serve more patients. Unfortunately, any time you partner with others, you run the risk that there […]

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How Does Complex Business Litigation Work?

When you own or run a business, conflicts will inevitably occur. From pleasing the shareholders to protecting your intellectual property, there are a lot of ways things can go awry. Generally, business litigation in Austin, TX involves corporate or white-collar crime issues. Cases are deemed “complex” the more parties, locations or technical issues they involve. […]

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