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The business law office of Burk Law Firm PC maintains an exceptionally high success rate for trials and settlements.
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  • The business law office of Burk Law Firm PC maintains an exceptionally high success rate for trials and settlements. Since 1990, companies in need of a business lawyer hire us to handle their financial and commercial litigation cases. Based in Austin, TX, our staff’s vast knowledge of commercial law and the legal system allows us to best present your interest and achieve the desired outcome.
  • Any legal matter involving your source of income, your company’s future success, your employability or overall health and well-being, you need to hire a business lawyer to represent you. The guidance provided by a well-seasoned attorney alleviates the burden of learning the nuances of the law in an attempt to represent yourself.

Financial Litigation

Any number of issues may arise while doing business. When you need a business lawyer to represent your interests during any financial litigation, rely on our business law office. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling every type of financial litigation case, from antitrust disputes to Qui Tam lawsuits. We take every step to protect your livelihood and future sources of income, along with claiming any restitution you may be owed.

  • Antitrust
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Complex Business Litigation
  • Fraud (Business and Commercial)
  • Fraud on the Federal and State Governments (Qui Tam)
  • SEC and IRS Whistleblower Claim Representation
  • Securities Arbitrations and Litigation
  • Shareholder Disputes in Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships

Commercial Litigation

Our business law office also takes commercial litigation cases. Whether you’re an individual seeking compensation from a healthcare provider or a business owner pursuing fraud charges against a partner, we provide the outstanding legal services you need for success. Fraud and business disputes necessitate legal representation that makes you the priority. That’s what we provide to our clients.

  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Lawyer Practice Breakup Disputes
  • Physician Practice Disputes
  • Prelawsuit Case Evaluation (for a fee)
  • Replacement Lead Counsel for Trial
  • Serious Personal Injury Lawsuits (Negligence)

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