Mishandled Lawsuit Replacements in Austin, TX

The mishandling of a legal case could make it difficult or impossible for you to receive the settlement or judgment that you need. If you have had a falling out with your lawyer or you suspect that your case is not being handled properly, it may be in your best interest to consider switching your legal counsel.

Seeking a New Attorney

There are many different circumstances that can lead an individual or family to leave their current attorney for new counsel. Some common reasons for replacing the firm in charge of your representation include:

  • You feel that your case is not receiving the attention it needs
  • You feel that your case is not being handled by counsel competent to handle it
  • You are seeking counsel with a more specialized background
  • You have irreconcilable differences with your lawyer
  • You are concerned that your case is being otherwise mishandled

If you suspect that your case is not being properly pursued for any reason, consider consulting with a mishandled lawsuit rescue lawyer as soon as possible. We have experience picking up existing cases and providing clients with the dedicated representation and peace of mind that they deserve. We are prepared to fight on your behalf for the positive resolution that you need.

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