Representative Verdicts, Judgments and Settlements

Obtained by Burk Law Firm, P.C. and Senior Trial Lawyer Michael G. Burk

  • Tried and won a case for a doctor client against a former practice group winning a high six-figure arbitration award for the client in 2018.
  • Filed multimillion dollar qui tam lawsuit against government contractors. The case was settled for a confidential sum in 2018.
  • Assisted telemedicine start up with internal management restructuring followed by company conversion of form and business model restructuring and long-term business strategy, in 2016.
  • Settled case for client manufacturer over defective equipment costing less than $30,000 resulting in a settlement of over $1,000,000 on a defective product , in 2015
  • Settled case for client doctor against large insurance company, in 2014 in the upper six figures.
  • Successfully settled lawsuit against former employee client for violation of noncompete agreement and use of confidential client information, in 2014.
  • Pursued lawsuit for client company against one of its founding shareholders resulting in a successful negotiated and structured buy-out of the shareholder client, in 2014.
  • Represented a plaintiff in shareholder oppression case / breach of fiduciary duty case seeking to recover millions of dollars in money damages and real estate for the company in which he owned an interest. After a 2 week trial a jury verdict was issued in client’s favor for more than $3.5 million dollars, in 2011 after which the case settled for a seven-figure value.
  • The Firm successfully sued and settled with a scientific visual device tech firm on behalf of shareholder and terminated cofounder and employee; obtained company buyout of client’s interest and payment of unpaid salary of six figures, in 2010.
  • Successfully sued and settled with a departing co-founder and officer for Austin-based biomedical startup to enforce a noncompete agreement, in 2009.
  • Took over late in the case the representation for a defendant hospital system in the Texas Rio Grande Valley sued by the largest contract pharmacy services for hospitals company in the United States; the Firm took the critical deposition in the case and through that and other strategies engineered a settlement representing a reduction by approximately the low eight figures of the much larger contract claim amount of drugs, services, penalties and interest billed and pled by that contract pharmacy services provision company, in federal court, in 2009.
  • Represented a defendant software executive in a noncompete lawsuit brought by a major U.S. software company, reaching a mutually agreeable settlement, in 2008 in which the client paid nothing.
  • $1.16 million dollar federal court fraud jury verdict and judgment for wealthy client against New Jersey Company and majority shareholder, in 2008.
  • Represented a major Texas software firm successfully suing and settling with a rival software firm cancelling a non-compete provision covering multiple departing employees, in 2007.
  • Six figure settlement for shoe designer client in lawsuit against Fortune 500 shoe manufacturer, in 2007.
  • Securities mismanagement arbitration case the Firm prosecuted for wealthy client against Goldman Sachs in 2007. The results are confidential.
  • On behalf of the creating and main founder for another biomedical start-up company, the Firm with Mr. Burk as lead counsel, sued the CEO and one other founder who misled investors, resulting in settlement stripping that CEO and other defendant founder of their shares and company positions, in 2006-2007.
  • The Firm with Mr. Burk as lead trial counsel obtained a $7 million dollar jury verdict and resulting judgment for a national distributor/fabricator of window coverings against an East Coast Fortune 500 company, in 2003: On appeal the court reduced the judgment amount still leaving a multi-million dollar judgment
  • Mr. Burk achieved settlements for several plaintiff doctors’ practice groups in Texas highly favorable to the doctors against a major medical practice management company based in Texas, in 2002-2003.
  • The Firm successfully sued and settled in Arkansas a multi-doctor business practice on behalf of a doctor specialist who was being oppressed and disadvantaged by the other doctors in the group, 2000-2001.
  • Successfully sued and obtained a restoration of staff privileges for a neonatal specialist M.D. against the largest hospital in the area, 1998-1999.
  • Mr. Burk as lead counsel obtained a $22.5 million dollar verdict before an Arkansas jury for Arkansas based energy company against a large regional lending institution in March 1996, the largest jury verdict in Arkansas by a factor of seven times, to that date.
  • Mr. Burk was lead trial-counsel for trial Plaintiff obtaining a $3 million dollar judgment in San Antonio state district court for New Hampshire based national asset-based mezzanine lender against a large regional company, September 1990.
  • $75 million dollar settlement for Powder River Basin Coal company and its partner/co-venturer against large Texas city and a regional provider of electric power in central Texas (Mr. Burk was co-trial counsel and alone, at the request of the client, negotiated the settlement for the energy company partners who received $75 million in the settlement during trial) in 1987.
  • Judgment of not liable for one of the nation’s largest law firms in a legal malpractice action brought by Mitsubishi, one of the largest diversified manufacturing companies in Japan (Mr. Burk was co-trial counsel in this case) in 1989.
  • Mr. Burk co-tried and obtained the first plaintiff’s judgment under the Texas Antitrust Act (virtually identical to the federal act) for a one hour photo company against Japanese leading one-hour photographic processing machine manufacturer, Noritsu, obtaining a high six figure judgment in 1986 that was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Federal Appeals Court and thereafter settled.

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