Fraud (Business and Commercial)
Breach of Contract
Fiduciary Duty Breaches
Complex Business Litigation
Trademark and Copyright Infringement
Patent Infringement
Corporation, LLC and Partnership Shareholder Disputes
Minority Shareholder Oppression Suits
Executive and Key Employee Wrongful Termination
Noncompete Agreement Litigation
Interference with Contracts and Business Relations
Whistleblower and Qui Tam Lawsuits
Cases of Fraud and Breach Against National Contract Pharmacy Providers to Hospitals
Healthcare Fraud Lawsuits
Healthcare Organization Lawsuits
Physicians’ Disputes with Hospitals
Physician Practice Breakup Lawsuits
Physician Practice Dispute
Technology and Biotechnology Disputes
Internet Related Disputes
Securities Arbitrations and Litigation
Financial Institution Wrongdoing
Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings (Trials in Bankruptcy)
Divorces Involving High Value Assets Including Custody
Environmental Litigation
Energy Litigation (Traditional and Alternative Fuels)
Eleventh Hour Replacement for Existing Lead Trial Counsel
Rescue of Mishandled Lawsuits
Second Opinions on Existing Cases
Prelawsuit Case Evaluation
Antitrust Lawsuits
Business Relations Lawsuits
Executive Pay and Employment Disputes