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Business Contracts

There are some cases where a party is legally excused from performing its contractual obligations. This can happen when a contract becomes impossible to perform due to unforeseen circumstances. Other times, contracts can be rescinded in cases of fraud or misrepresentation. If an issue has arisen that might affect your ability to fulfill your duties […]

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Don’t Get Sued! Protect Your Business

Don’t Get Sued! Protect Your Business As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to do everything within your means to limit risk and to keep the business running smoothly. But how does one go about limiting the possibility of a lawsuit to ensure business continuity?  An attorney can guide you in limiting your risk.

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How to Set the Legal Framework for Your New Business

Covering All the Bases: How to Set the Legal Framework for Your New Business. Not having a legal framework could cause your company to stall just as it begins gaining momentum. By dealing with these processes from the start, you and your business will be sailing smoothly into the more exciting phases of your journey, […]

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